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Reliable connectivity is a prerequisite for managing security operations. Whether it’s to keep the general public or personnel safe at a pre-planned or spontaneous event, or to ensure watertight control of borders and HM Prisons, without ubiquitous connectivity to aid communications and operations security can be severely compromised.
For instance, a perfect example of how we at Excelerate integrate people and technology is the gathering of data from facial recognition of persons of interest (POI) at, say, a football match, a concert, or a more spontaneous event like a public protest. Here, real-time information is vital to safety and the identification of problems and threats.
Likewise, the ability to deploy such technology quickly and easily, with technology the operator is comfortable with, helps to streamline security operations on the ground. All this is only achieved when underpinned by failsafe connectivity.
Over two decades of serving first responders here in the UK and abroad, much of what we have developed has evolved in response to our involvement in helping maintain secure operations, resilience and operational situational awareness at major events, such as the G7 Summit in Carbis Bay in 2021, the Ryder Cup at Celtic Manor in 2010 and the NATO Summit at the same venue in 2014.
A common issue in a prison or perimeter security is in the monitoring of ‘gaps’ in the existing surveillance. The deployment of our Sherpa camera at HMP Oakwood has allowed for rapid temporary CCTV coverage to fill these gaps, thereby preventing illegal activities and enhancing security.
Reliable communications are fundamental in forming emergency preparedness and situational awareness and cannot be side-lined. It should be intrinsic to security operations so that personnel can focus on fulfilling their roles effectively without worrying about the technology.

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