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The ability to seamlessly integrate technology and people in the defence sector, through reliable connectivity in any given environment, is critical.
At Excelerate, we supply easy-to-use connectivity solutions to enable human operators to focus entirely on their job rather than having to worry about their communications – we make it simple where every second matters. Of critical importance to militaries are the safeguarding of military personnel and situational awareness alongside the ability to carry out tasks with precision and effectiveness.
Rapid-deploy systems with interoperability, therefore, are crucial. We not only supply failsafe connectivity to ensure connectivity regardless of location by enabling their world to be connected.
At Excelerate, all our systems aim to improve mobility and readiness so split-second decision-making is never compromised by poor connectivity.

Connected Technology & Applications

Without robust, failsafe, and ubiquitous connectivity to underpin telemedicine technology, everything falls at the first hurdle. That is why at Excelerate Technology we push the boundaries to ensure that remote triage or consultation from rural locations.

Seamless connectivity on the go

Take your network with you with the Linx Hub portable Wi-Fi hotspot – allows the user to connect securely in the patients’ home or any other remote location. Discover more>

Optimise your 4G experience

Connect to the best available network with the Excell 4G LTE optimisation antenna – currently in use across GP surgeries, on-board ambulances and other specialist vehicles. Discover more>

Connect, stream and share

Excelerate’s video streaming solutions provide real-time situational awareness and enable anything from remote consultations to protecting front-line workers. Discover more>

Connectivity on-the-move

The Kymeta flat-panel satellite terminal addresses the need for high- throughput communication systems where on-the-move access to reliably connectivity is essential. Discover more>

Hybrid connectivity

The Hybrid Edge appliance bonds 4G, 5G, satellite and any other available connections offering unrivalled connectivity speed, reliability, and performance. 

The best coverage in a single SIM

4G Extra SIMs are unsteered and deliver connectivity across all the major networks in a single SIM. The SIM automatically detects and connects to the strongest available signal. Discover more>

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Connected Personel

The world we live in is becoming increasingly connectivity-centric. The number of devices used in the field is ever-increasing and reliable connectivity is critical for any number of smart devices to function.
Devices like body-worn cameras and UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) rely on varying degrees of connectivity.
At Excelerate, we streamline connectivity by developing solutions that are simple and user-friendly. For us, it’s about making complex technologies simple so that responders can focus on the task at hand, rather than technology.

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