Leaders in our field – pioneering resilient mobile communications

We developed, installed and now support the most comprehensively equipped, and technologically advanced emergency response vehicles in the world.

Excelerate pioneered the concept of rapidly deployable, totally independent and resilient broadband via satellite, which now supports a broad range of applications in emergency incident management.

Being the only provider within the UK – and perhaps globally – to operate a privately managed network dedicated to emergency response with enhanced resilience, our innovative solutions have changed the way emergency command & control operations respond to major incidents.

On a daily basis our team share and deploy their know how and skills globally, because we have been invited to do so; demonstrating that few companies in the world can do what we do, in the way that we do it.

With our market focus and commitment to making technology useful and accessible to users, we have successfully introduced innovative solutions that are now in everyday use.

Simon Hill, Technical Director
Excelerate Group

Our in-house R&D team have developed market-leading products that are completely unique to us, including:

  • DDMI (Digital Dashboard Management Interface) – an easy-to-use operating system built for the emergency services combining all communications systems and solutions into one seamless interface.
  • Sherpa – the world’s first and only automatic pole climbing camera and communications system. A truly rapidly deployable solution that is being used globally to deliver CCTV and video capabilities, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) and other communications requirements.
  • Reflex – an innovative, vehicle mounted satellite communications solution, featuring a compact, lightweight, roof mounted communications pod. Developed for primary response vehicles, the on-board rapidly deployable communications enable operators to monitor and manage incidents from within the scene.
  • Portable Command Pod – a portable central communications hub solution that enables users to rapidly deploy a resilient data network on demand.