South Wales Fire & Rescue Service have recently received a delivery of the replacement ‘Incident Command Unit’. The new technologically advanced vehicle is equipped with state of the art satellite communication systems that ensures crews and multi agencies have access to vital information quickly and coherently, to aid in their the decision making process in the attendance of incidents.

Andrew Clifford
WM Operational Appliances and Equipment

South Wales Fire & Rescue Service

The connection is reliable and speeds are as good as I have experienced in the VSat era and the technical support, on the rare occasion it is needed, is quick, concise and immediate. Excelerate are an innovative company, always looking to improve integration of equipment and provide fresh thinking for old communication issues and create new solutions from the ground up.

Matthew G. Callaway
Captain M/Y Blush

Master Yachts 3000gt

We are pleased to announce further investment in our emergency preparedness capability with the delivery of the Trust’s command and control vehicle. The new unit will enhance our current operation to ensure we are fully prepared to respond to significant incidents should anything untoward occur.

This state-of-the-art incident command unit will enable improved co-ordination and multi-agency co-operation, enhanced resilience, emergency preparedness and informed command in all environments, now and into the future

Steve Wheaton
Assistant Chief Ambulance Officer

West Midlands Ambulance Service

Our experience of Excelerate throughout the project has been fantastic. They have developed complex technologies to be easy-to-use by fire fighters and operational commanders and nothing has been too difficult or too much trouble for them. They have been agile when putting into practice what we have asked, even re-configuring and re-developing some of our ‘push to talk’ requirements through their unique DDMI user interface where we have made requests one day which they have implemented overnight to be available and operational the next day. The feedback from other services around Australia when seeing the first of our new generation command vehicles at AFAC 2015 (in Adelaide) has been extremely positive

Graham Tait
Systems Officer Operational Communications for

Fire & Rescue New South Wales

There has been support provided throughout the whole process, which has been fantastic.

Craig Brownlie
Structural Planning Manager

Victoria Country Fire Authority

More importantly, we will be able to provide our incident command team and frontline firefighters much greater support to safely and effectively perform their roles.

Paul Hedley
Deputy Chief Fire Officer

Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service

Having had previous experience of satellite communications with another supplier, we were sceptical about what could be achieved…Excelerate Technology understood exactly what we wanted to achieve and could provide advanced solutions that were specifically tailored to the needs of the blue light services.

Roger Bird
Senior Mobile Technology Engineer

Thames Valley Police

The very presence of the Sherpa cameras deters would-be offenders and sends a signal out to all that we are watching and protecting the area. Its portability and fast deployment make Sherpa an essential part of the criminal detection and deterrent toolbox.

Mick Rodden
Arson Task Force

Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service

I would definitely recommend the camera to other prisons as it is not just an aid to monitor perimeter fence issues but can be deployed in many other areas inside and outside areas such as staff car parks and monitoring prisoner movement within the secure perimeter.

Tony Hayes
Head of Security

HMP Oakwood

Our expectations of what communications on board our vehicles can deliver have already been exceeded, and as new technologies emerge we’re confident in integrating them in to an already future-proof system.

Debbie Mann
IT Project Manager


This is a really exciting addition to our fleet that will provide a greater level of control and coordination at incidents.

Steve Barnes
Group Manager

Cheshire Fire and Rescue

The level of support and advice they gave us was exceptional.

Nigel Russell

Gwent Police

Deploying officers on mountain bikes with live streaming of images from the body-worn cameras meant we could see and hear what was going on wherever they were on the course.

Nigel Russell

Gwent Police

Excelerate’s solution means we can provide our teams with enhanced communications across a diverse geographical area.

Chris Sims
Head of Operations (Resilience)

Welsh Ambulance Service

The static satellite forms part of our plan for managing incidents during periods when other ICT solutions may have failed. It will provide vital support for our tactical and operational commanders in the field.

Dean Haward
Station Commander

Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service

Excelerate’s applications and solutions have given us the ability to remotely manage an incident and send information live to another location.

Wayne Stringer
Technical Support Manager

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service