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Welcome to Excelerate Group – the global market-leading provider of real time data, video and voice via satellite and wireless solutions.

Through innovative and seamless integration, we enable our customers the ease, freedom and security to rapidly deploy resilient and reliable communications anytime, anywhere.

Mission Critical Communications

Excelerate specialise in delivering resilient communications for complex and critical environments

Mobile video streaming solutions serve as an effective and powerful tool when managing an event or responding to an incident

Situational Awareness

DDMI combines all systems and solutions in to a single user interface that automates many functions for simple and effective operation

Digital Dashboard Management Interface (DDMI)
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Resilient communications for complex and critical environments

Mobile video streaming solutions delivering enhanced situational awareness

Digital Dashboard Management Interface (DDMI) combines all systems and solutions into single user interface

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Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service Incident Command Unit Excelerate

Excelerate and Emergency One Deliver New Incident Command Unit for Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service

Mid and West Wales are the most recent Fire and Rescue Service to take advantage of Excelerate’s market leading critical…

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Humberside Fire and Rescue Service Launch New UAV Streaming Solution

Humberside Fire and Rescue Service is one of the first fire and rescue services in the UK to introduce a…

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EXCELERATE featured projects

During a complex and evolving incident, real-time footage isn’t always accessible beyond the pilot. Excelerate’s UAV Streamer resolves this problem by enabling live footage to be streamed over public or private networks securely.
As we become more connected – so do our lives and daily routines. How would you manage to get through a typical day without your mobile phone for example? It seems almost impossible when you consider its use for making calls, social media, getting directions or even adjusting the temperature of your home.
Northamptonshire Police and Fire & Rescue Service joint mobile command unit represents the endless opportunities presented by both greater interoperability between agencies and the intelligent use of digital communications.
Excelerate Launch New Demo Vehicle enabling Zero Gap Connectivity On-The-Move. The Kymeta satellite terminal does not require mechanical components to steer towards a satellite enabling an always-connected experience whether stationary or driving.

EXCELERATE at a glance

Command Vehicles for Fire & Rescue, NSW, Australia



Command & Control Vehicle Virtual Tours



Putting Interoperability into practice with our integrated technologies
Civil Contingency: enabling multi-agency communications

“Our new highly sophisticated communications capabilities enable us to be a key cooperating responder in the event of a critical situation such as a gas leak or explosion”

Debbie Mann, IT Project Manager, Scotia Gas Networks

New Connected Demo Vehicle Enabling Zero Gap Connectivity

EXCELERATE around the globe

We have taken the vehicle out on a number of occasions for field-testing. It’s done very well. We have been using the video facility such as the mast camera and the deployable cameras. We've also tested the body-worn cameras, and live video feeds back into the vehicle from 1.8 km, which is phenomenal. And Excelerate are onsite supporting us in Australia 24/7.

− Victoria Country Fire Authority

I am very impressed with the build quality and fit out of our completed Incident Support Unit. The vehicle, and the integrated on-board communications technology, are cutting edge and will significantly enhance our ability to provide fully resilient and effective communications to and from an incident.

− Northumberland Fire and Rescue (Incident Support Unit)

Deploying officers on mountain bikes with live streaming of images from the body-worn cameras meant we could see and hear what was going on wherever they were on the course. Without this it likely we would have needed additional police officers to attend incidents or to be available on the course.

− Gwent Police (Ryder Cup)

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