RapidNet COFDM can be integrated into any of our mobile camera systems improving video transmission over high signal loss areas - in real time.

RapidNetCOFDMWhat makes RapidNet COFDM so resilient is that the receiver does not need to be in line of sight of the transmitter to function efficiently so regardless of obstructions such as mountains and buildings transmission will always be received.

Some of our products that integrate RapidNet COFDM include our Body-Worn Cameras, Rapid Deploy Cameras and Sherpa – our automatic pole-climbing camera.

  • More about COFDM

    COFDM transmits thousands of data packets that aggressively rebound in multiple directions on route to the receiver. Instead of being weakened when met with an obstacle the signal scatters creating alternative paths to its destination. COFDM has the ability to overcome multipath effects which means there will be no ‘ghost images’ from the late arrival of any scattered portions of signal – resulting in a far higher quality image at the receiving station than other forms of digital transmission.

    For these reasons, COFDM works perfectly integrated into our camera solutions to give real-time value to any critical situation – regardless of environment.