Currently being used by the Police, Fire and Ambulance service our rapid deploy cameras serve a multitude of purposes from extending video coverage in an incident ground to the surveillance of wide areas - all in real time.

Rapid Deploy Camera Lead Image 1000x750Our Rapid Deploy Cameras are designed to be used within harsh and challenging environments and enable users to transmit high quality, secure images in real time at distances in excess of 1km.

Camera options we offer include: Pan, tilt, zoom, thermal imaging, infra red illumination, high definition and more.

Storage and playback of footage

Our video server performs recording, storage, and play back of multiple video streams without any degradation of the video signal. Footage can then be catalogued, stored and distributed as needed. Our solution also includes permanent date and time stamping enabling any footage to be used for evidential purposes.

Excelerate’s applications and solutions have given us the ability to remotely manage an incident and send information live to another location, where the incident commander can visually interpret the information to make judgment calls.

Wayne Stringer, Technical Support Manager
Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service
Working in Real-Time

With the use of our advanced satellite communications and COFDM technology, the live video stream is then sent back to incident commanders in real-time, allowing them to fully understand the situation, make key interventions and share information.

We can also integrate wireless nodes in to our cameras enhancing coverage across any incident ground.