Excelerate specialises in providing resilient communications for critical environments on-board rapid response vehicles, command and control units and portable solutions, supporting interoperability, resilience, and multi-agency collaboration.

We have developed, integrated, and now support the most comprehensively equipped emergency vehicles and mobile operational deployments in the world and are exporting our knowledge and skills globally, because we have been asked and invited to do so.

Demonstrating that few companies in the world can do what we do, in the way that we do it.

This experience is put to the test every day when the solutions we have provided t are dispatched to deal with a wide variety of deployments.

Our Solutions enable Customers to:

  • Effectively support operational deployments
  • Provide robust and effective access to operational applications and support mechanisms.
  • Share and access information across Multi-agency incidents, supporting collaboration and interoperability
  • Increase Community engagement
  • Train and exercise effectively
  • Improve Command and Control and Incident Management
  • Deploy network infrastructures in ad-hoc and unpredictable environments
  • Monitor and manage Pre-planned events
  • Provide Real time situational awareness across multiple locations
  • Securely and effectively share data and information across multiple locations
  • Deploy solutions to meet various operational objectives and outcomes, ensuring maximum value of investment
  • Support operational users with simple and effective solutions designed for the mobile environment.
  • reduce costs and requirements for intensive and technical training programmes with a focus integration method designed for non-technical operators.