Excelerate has a wealth of experience in the development, integration and provision of resilient communications in environments where none exist, fail, are compromised or simply need bolstering due to increased demand.

  • blended communications satellite and cellular

From our UK & International Network Operations Centre, the health of the network and the services being delivered to our customers are monitored and managed 24/7/365 delivering unparalleled levels of service and support.

Thanks to our hybrid approach to connectivity, through the use of both cellular and satellite networks, we have become a trusted partner to deliver solutions to support emergency services, government organisations, maritime operations, the oil and gas sector, and national infrastructure.

KU Enhanced Resilience Satellite Network

Dedicated to emergency responders and delivering Satellite Broadband to every region throughout the UK

4G Extra

The SIM that chooses the best available network for added resilience

  • Excelerate mobile 4g lte 5g unsteered romaning sim
ExStream Video Application

Brings footage together from multiple camera devices securely for enhanced and real time situational awareness

Network Services Overview

  • We deliver a host of network services directly – non third-party reliance, in-house expertise and support
  • Continuous monitoring and management of customer sites and connections
  • Proactive account management preventing loss or down-time for resilient/on demand applications
  • Operate, monitor and manage network infrastructures across Ka, Ku and cellular services (model may vary depending on territory)
  • Security by design philosophy
  • Network design and implementation
  • Remote diagnostics and correction
  • 24-hour ‘always on’ approach
  • Network architecture designed to support security and operational environments
  • Penetration testing
  • Secure locations for service provisions
  • Continuous monitoring for unusual activity to protect business and customers
  • In-house security consultancy
  • UK teleport partner leveraging level 4 security team and ISO27001 accreditation
  • Follow best practice and security standards