Communication is key in the emergency planning of a major incident, and by introducing two mobile command units we’ve ensured that we have the technology to relay information back to our headquarters to manage a critical situation effectively.

The roof mounted satellite platform (SuperSat) gives us high speed, resilient broadband anywhere in the UK, including areas where there is little or no 3G, 4G or broadband coverage.

With connectivity of up to 10MB down and 4MB up, all of our data, video, voice and internet requirements will be seamless and without interruption.

If a public network becomes overloaded, our communications will not be disrupted, as we will be operating on a low contended, secure private network as used by the emergency services.

Our new, highly sophisticated communications capabilities enable us to be a key cooperating responder in the event of a critical situation such as a gas leak or explosion.

Our expectations of what communications on board our vehicles can deliver have already been exceeded, and as new technologies emerge we’re confident in integrating them in to an already future-proof system.

Debbie Mann

IT Project Manager