The Sherpa has been deployed outside of and within the perimeter fence. Our main use of the Sherpa camera is to detect, deter and gather intelligence and evidence in combatting the issue of contraband being thrown over the perimeter fence into various areas in the prison.

Along with the other methods we have introduced to deter contraband being thrown into the prison, I am pleased to say that the deployment of Sherpa has had a positive impact in acting as a deterrent, gaining evidence and gathering intelligence.

This evidence is vital in the internal adjudication process and also when providing courts with evidence for convictions when prosecuting the public throwing contraband into the prison.

I would definitely recommend the camera to other prisons as it is not just an aid to monitor perimeter fence issues but can be deployed in many other areas inside and outside areas such as staff car parks and monitoring prisoner movement within the secure perimeter.

Tony Hayes

Head of Security

HMP Oakwood