Increase situation awareness to those on the ground with real time UAV aerial footage

An easy to use, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) solution, which is ready to fly and capable of being deployed at incidents where an instant 360-degree aerial view is required.

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Lightweight and agile, UAV’s can go places that would otherwise be too expensive or dangerous to reach, delivering a view of challenges that could be faced ahead.

UAV’s are small enough to manoeuvre through tight areas such as caves or collapsed buildings increasing worker safety by having the ability to scope out an area before any personnel enter in.

The scope UAV’s can deliver to help locate survivors, inspect buildings, find people lost at sea etc are endless.

Image stills or video can be broadcast back to a Tablet PC or another compatible device up to 2km. It’s a lightweight and robust solution weighing less than 3 kilograms, and can be used for indoor and outdoor incidents that require real time situational awareness. 


  • Automatic take-off and landing via a one touch button operation Professional flight control system
  • Automatic and retractable landing gear, ensuring the camera view is not obstructed
  • full pan, tilt and zoom stabilised 4k (ultra HD) camera and streaming up to 2km
  • 720P live video feed and 12 megapixel photo’s
  • Intelligent power management system
  • Automatic flight mapping and waypoints
  • Easy safe flight with return to home mode