The reason for this is simple – satellite broadband delivers guaranteed communications capacity in areas where no terrestrial communications services exist, may be congested, under threat or suffering from disruption.

Static Satellite Lead Image

Our static (fixed) satellite platforms are ideal for use on buildings in remote locations where access to broadband may not exist or can be used as a back up should any existing communications infrastructure become compromised.


Achieving connectivity at temporary or remote sites with satellite broadband

Satellite broadband is the perfect solution for reliable, high-speed Internet connectivity for remote sites and construction site offices that are temporary and require re-location.

Wherever your site is based and whatever the environmental conditions, we can provide your site with connectivity through our market leading KA satellite broadband solution.

Working smarter

At site level, day-to-day operations demand reliable voice and high-speed data communications where teams can work effectively in a temporary office environment, independently of terrestrial infrastructure or cellular networks, with full capability to:

  • Make voice calls, send emails and text messages
  • Stay connected to HQ, share data in real time and have VPN access to the corporate network
  • Access office based applications
  • Stream live video
  • Stay in touch with friends and family

Working safely & securely

Reliable communications are key when it comes to supporting worker safety and security across all your on-site assets, giving teams the capability to:

  • Undertake instant assessments of situations and liaise with site personnel when there is an emergency or incident
  • Operate real time remote surveillance for personnel and physical assets
  • Support H&S and insurance compliance
  • Stream live video back for immediate diagnostics without deploying specialist staff to site

Key benefits of Excelerate’s solution 

Rapid installation – with quick installation throughout the UK, your communications can be up and running immediately. Our provision is quick and easy to set up and to shut down or relocate.

High performance – providing your teams with a fast and reliable satellite broadband service of up to 10MB download speeds and up to 4MB upload speeds on our professional low contended network.

Flexible to your business needs – our satellite broadband solution is available as a static (fixed to a building), mobile vehicle mounted or portable solution and can be specified to suit your site and staff requirements.

Cost effective – your solution can be continually deployed to support mobile teams, providing real time communications from more locations. In addition, our service can be provided as a competitively priced airtime and hardware bundle ‘Supersat’ inclusive of 180GB of usage.

Please contact us to discuss your project requirements.