Technical Features
The revolutionary Sherpa rapid deployment communication system is an easy-to-use, portable climbing camera and communications solution that can be set-up within minutes, giving you immediate, high quality video and network coverage.

With solutions available for cylindrical, conical, hexagonal and tapered octagonal poles, Sherpa can climb up any lamppost with a diameter of between 75mm and 225mm and takes approximately 10 minutes to deploy without the need for specialised tools, equipment or installation.

Delivery Unit

The Sherpa Delivery Unit is battery powered with a hand-held controller capable of deploying the Operating Platform up any suitable pole with a diameter between 75mm and 150mm. Units are available for cylindrical, conical, hexagonal and tapered octagonal pole profiles.

Electronics Unit

The Electronics Unit contains a powerful rechargeable battery as well as the technology to enable rapid and secure data transfer.

Operating Platform

The Sherpa Operating Platform can contain a compact and robust PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) camera housing for a wide variety of CCTV cameras.

Hand-held Controller

The Sherpa Hand-held Controller uses a 433MHz radio packet controller for communications with the system. The data packet structure has been custom written for Sherpa. The hand-held controllers are coded to individual customers.

Control Case

This allows full PTZ control of a camera head together with video feedback via LCD monitors. Other camera monitoring and control methods include Laptop and PDA.

Wi-Fi Access Points and 3G Routers

Sherpa technology can be employed to mount Wi-Fi access points to create short distance hot-spots for secure communication, while the deployment of 3G routers enables the rapid relay of all types of data anywhere in the world.

Private GSM and TETRA Networks

Sherpa can be used to mount aerials to create an extended network for private mobile phone systems and secure radio communications.

COFDM Transmission

Sherpa uses COFDM for data transmission to overcome line of sight issues and enable personnel to transmit high quality data in real time, even within buildings and underground tunnels. Additional features and system modifications are available on request.