Via nodes that are worn on the body, mounted on a tripod, a Peli-case or on a vehicle, our unique fully scalable RapidNet Wireless Mesh Solution provides a resilient and mobile infrastructure for communications and data transfer.

RapidNetMESHWith the addition of a Global Positioning System (GPS) for improved monitoring and management of personnel and assets in critical situations, wireless mesh networks can significantly enhance public safety and emergency response communications over vast distances and across challenging geographic terrain.

Key facts about our RapidNet Wireless Mesh:

  • Self-Forming: Network forms with little or no user intervention
  • Self-Healing: Network can route around a failed or moved node
  • Path optimising: Network uses the optimal path between any nodes

The performance of the mesh ranges depending on the harshness of the environment the nodes are deployed in – therefore in high signal loss terrain more nodes may be required to meet the operational challenge.

A vehicle mesh network would be installed on the Command Vehicle and be linked directly to the body worn camera/rapid deploy camera tripod mounted/Peli-case wireless mesh devices.