kaOur KA satellite provision provides a satellite broadband service of up to 10 Mbit/s download speeds and up to 4 Mbit/s upload speeds on Eutelsat’s low contended network and complements our ultra-resilient and highly robust Enhanced Resilience Satellite Network (KU Service) that has already proved to be successful across the emergency services to date.

Whilst designed to be robust enough to deal with exceptionally challenging environments, our KA Satellite Platform is also physically suited for use on smaller vehicles and is used widely in the blue light services on rapid response vehicles.

Due to the cost effectiveness of KA Satellite Broadband, many of our customers include local service providers such as mobile libraries and community projects to transport, security and the utilities.

Many of our customers include local government organisations as well as civil contingencies across a vast amount of sectors including Transport & Security, Gas & Oil, Mobile Libraries & Community Projects and more.


Unique features
  • Our KA Satellite Antenna is the fastest and most reliable auto-pointing antenna on the market by a considerable margin, typically 60 seconds with tests showing 100% success.
  • Our KA Satellite Antenna is 12 volt and fast and easy to install. Unlike other systems on the market, it is designed to fit easily to customer supplied roof bars, in addition to being roof mounted to vehicles.
  • Fully automatic, allowing beam switching across the whole KA-SAT footprint – without engineer intervention or any reconfiguration of the network. No other provider offers this service and it is a vital point that must be considered by anyone purchasing a satellite communications system.