Enhancing search and rescue, business continuity and more

SEARCH RESCUEExcelerate are able to play a crucial role in ensuring maritime safety and our Maritime Satellite Broadband is being increasingly trusted and employed aboard ships to automatically provide cost effective and reliable lines of communication, both ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore.

Search and rescue operations at sea can be gruelling and testing endeavours for those involved. Clear, reliable and robust lines of communication are essential for teams working in extreme environments and potentially life-threatening situations.

Within our Digital Dashboard Management Interface (DDMI) communications hub, connectivity and conference calling between completely different technologies such as VOIP, cell phones and VHF is possible via an easy to use drag and drop interface. Crew and assets can be protected with our range of security features and technologies and critical information, charts and reports can be transmitted and updated in real-time even in the most extreme weather conditions.

Our technology and integrated solutions can aid with operational planning and the day-to-day communications tasks for those at sea. Within DDMI we can integrate precise environmental data analysis modules for real time weather information and GPS mapping coverage to aid in plotting routes. In addition, access to email and voice communications means crew members can stay in touch with family and friends while at sea.

DDMI can also include the capability for physiological monitoring allowing for body statistics and vital signs to be displayed for both members of the crew and rescued individuals. We also recommend our dual thermal-imaging camera with real-time transmission capabilities for any search and rescue operations at sea or in harsh terrain.