Information is Power

When it comes to ensuring public safety during large-scale events, demonstrations, protests or riots, our range of rapidly deployable, robust communications technologies can provide on-scene commanders with the detailed Common Operational Picture they need to manage the situation effectively.

PUBLIC SECURITYSatellite broadband delivers high bandwidth data, video, voice and remote access communications to and from any location. Wireless, rapidly deployable cameras provide real time, high quality footage; and private GSM networks can be set up to ensure there are robust communications, even from within buildings, tunnels and underground areas where there is no line of sight.

‘Sherpa’ – our revolutionary rapidly deployable pole climbing camera and communications solution has proven to be successful across a multitude of environments to improve public security including; event monitoring, crowd control and prison security.

Helping to secure the highest profile events

In September 2014, as Newport prepared to host the first NATO summit to be held in the UK since 1990 and the largest gathering of international leaders to ever take place in Britain, we partnered with Gwent Police in providing the most up to date, resilient communications and security solutions available.

US President Barack Obama and UK Prime Minister David Cameron, alongside leaders and ministers from more than 60 countries, descended on the Celtic Manor in Newport to discuss bringing stability to the current unpredictable landscape. It was the most high profile event for the area since the 2010 Ryder Cup, which once again saw us join with Gwent Police in providing their communications solutions.

We are truly proud of the difference our solutions are making in the world and continue to push the boundaries of satellite broadband communications for the benefit of our extraordinary customers.