Private YachtingWe believe that if you make a significant investment in a yacht you would be able to enjoy it for longer periods if you could do more while on board.

Most yacht owners would also like to have the option of staying connected with their businesses when they need to. Its not necessary to be tied to a marina hoping a mobile phone or Wi Fi network exists at the moment you need it whether it be for business or leisure.

The benefits of useful, reliable and available broadband don’t just make doing business on board feasible – they will improve your leisure time too.

We can extend the range of things you and your family can do even when you are all relaxing. It’s not just your phone and computers that need a wireless Internet connection; televisions and even Blu-ray players come with Internet connectivity as well, but they are ineffective without a reliable Internet connection, and we can change that.

Our Maritime Satellite Broadband solutions can help you:

  • Extend your working environment according to your needs
  • Communicate wherever you are, whenever you want, however you want
  • Enjoy entertainment over the Internet and even use the service to upgrade existing on board technology.
  • Protect your family, crew and assets with our range of security features and technologies.
  • Access on-board technical support 24/7