At the heart of major incidents
All NHS Ambulance Services, as well as the public ambulance services in Scotland and Wales are long standing and valued customers. We are also working with ambulance services globally and are expanding our reach in this sector.

The UK’s Ambulance Service has been widely acknowledged as having the most advanced mobile command vehicles in the world and we are extremely proud to be providing and supporting every NHS Ambulance Trust throughout the UK.

Nicola Savage
Sales & Marketing Director
Hazardous Area Response Teams (HART)

AmbulanceOur involvement with NHS Ambulance Services began in 2007 with the introduction of Hazardous Area Response Teams (HART).  Excelerate was commissioned to provide satellite communications systems for their range of new HART command vehicles, with the first to benefit being Royal Berkshire Ambulance (SCAS).

Fast-forward to the present day and 18 HART Mobile Command Vehicles have been deployed in England, two in Scotland and one for the Welsh Ambulance Service. These vehicles are now the most technically advanced command vehicles in the world.

Mobile satellite broadband communications based on our highly robust KU Enhanced Resilience Satellite Network lay at the heart of our business, providing commanders with a robust, easily accessible and high capacity communications capability, in effect, a mobile headquarters placed at the incident ground.

Satellite communications allow command and control vehicles to receive and transmit data from all responders and emergency teams and achieve a Common Operational Picture that provides insight and helps improve patient outcomes.

Combined with wireless networks, ambulance personnel using PDAs, laptops, mobile phone and data terminals can access tactical plans, live video streaming or information from strategic emergency planning software.

Examples of other capabilities that we can integrate for our Ambulance Service customers include:

  • Live wireless video footage gives ambulance and hospital medical teams the capability to provide remote diagnostic support while patients are still at accident sites and in the process saving lives where fast action is required.
  • Interoperable Voice Solutions offering robust, fast two way communication between teams with the ability to drag and drop multiple voice communications formats including VOIP, landline, UHF, VHF and mobile, into one easy to manage conference call.
  • Extended or emergency WiFi coverage, allowing for data connectivity between operating units and personnel and a control access point or vehicle with our rapidly deployable MESH wireless nodes.
Case Studies

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