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Maritime communications you can absolutely rely on under any conditions

Excelerate are a first choice service provider for a wide range of maritime client users, from the luxury and leisure sectors to fishing operations and marine search & rescue where failsafe connectivity is of the highest priority.

Our customers trust us to install, maintain and support everything regarding yacht technology including Navigation and Bridge SystemsCellular and Satellite ConnectivityAudio Visual Entertainment and Security Networks.

Case Studies

Learn more about the benefits of Excelerate’s communications solutions in our customer case studies:

Connected Fire & Rescue

Connected Fire & Rescue Preparedness, Resilience & Response   Our team are supporting fully integrated Fire Appliances and Specialist Vehicles with scalable and reliable connectivity solutions. The ability to seamlessly receive and share real-time data and operational information to improve decision making and operational outcomes has become even more critical. As has the availability of…

Zero Gap Connectivity

Delivering Resilience

NATO Summit

NATO Summit Gwent Police is one of the smallest police forces, but whose footprint covers one of the most prestigious venues in Wales. Celtic Manor. Celtic Manor has attracted some of the largest events to be held in the UK, namely the Foreign Ministers Conference in 2005, and golf’s showcase event, the Ryder Cup. 2014…

LAS HART Water Rescue Challenge

LAS HART Water Rescue Challenge   Serious and widespread flooding events in the UK are likely to re-occur – therefore the technology needed to support HART teams has had to adapt to support the risks involved. The rapid deploy camera and body-worn cameras worn by the HART teams and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service…

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service host UKRO Challenge

South Wales Fire and Rescue host UKRO Challenge Due to a surge in visitors to the area terrestrial networks were stretched beyond the usual capacity. Excelerate’s range of deployable solutions ensured high quality and reliable communications were available at the event at all times. LTE handsets were provided for secure and private voice communications so…

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service


Excelerate’s UAV Streamer and Cellular Services have 100% approval onto the YPO framework (LOT3)

Excelerate awarded place on National Fire Chiefs Council’s framework

The NFCC Fire Commercial Transformation Programme along with the lead contracting Authority West Midlands Fire Service have awarded the Emergency Response Equipment and Associated Services Framework agreement (C002687) to UK-leading technology and connectivity partner, Excelerate Technology. The framework enables emergency services and government organisations such as police, ambulance, fire and rescue, the Defence Risk Management…

5G Rural Dorset Boosting Rural Mobile Connectivity

Improving Public Safety and Advancing Search and Rescue Operations. A bid led by Dorset Council has been awarded £4.335m to help understand how rural communities could benefit from next-generation mobile connectivity. Four trials in the county will look at innovative public, social and business uses of improved mobile coverage and test whether this connectivity can...

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