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Logistics & Distribution Industries

From deliveries of fresh foods to stores and distribution centres nationwide through to courier fleets and tracking premium goods and personnel in remote areas with poorly served data infrastructure, Excelrate’s expertise and capabilities in connected vehicles are second to none.

Satellite broadband can deliver high bandwidth data, video, voice and remote access communications to and from any location; wireless, rapidly deployable cameras provide real-time, high-quality footage; and private GSM networks can be set up to ensure there are robust communications, even from within buildings, tunnels and underground areas where there is no line of sight.

Interoperable communications can be maintained using the PBX facility within the Digital Dashboard Management Interface, regardless of the communications devices and channels being used.

Case Studies

Learn more about the benefits of Excelerate’s communications solutions in our customer case studies:

Police Scotland first UK Force to introduce simultaneous live drone and helicopter streaming to multiple locations

Police Scotland has become the first UK police force to implement UAV video technology with the capability to live-stream from drones and helicopters. The newly deployed ExStream UAV Streamer, developed by Excelerate Technology, was customised to improve situational awareness across air to ground operations, solving the long-term issue of the feed only being visible to...

Remote connectivity wherever you need it

Take your network with you using Excelerate’s Linx Hub, the portable Wi-Fi hotspot Today, the ability to connect and share critical data should be a given. Whether in transit or on foot, it is essential for emergency services personnel to be able to communicate and access the latest information to carry out their roles more...

Connected Fire & Rescue

Connected Fire & Rescue Preparedness, Resilience & Response   Our team are supporting fully integrated Fire Appliances and Specialist Vehicles with scalable and reliable connectivity solutions. The ability to seamlessly receive and share real-time data and operational information to improve decision making and operational outcomes has become even more critical. As has the availability of…

Zero Gap Connectivity

Delivering Resilience

LAS HART Water Rescue Challenge

LAS HART Water Rescue Challenge   Serious and widespread flooding events in the UK are likely to re-occur – therefore the technology needed to support HART teams has had to adapt to support the risks involved. The rapid deploy camera and body-worn cameras worn by the HART teams and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service…

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service host UKRO Challenge

South Wales Fire and Rescue host UKRO Challenge Due to a surge in visitors to the area terrestrial networks were stretched beyond the usual capacity. Excelerate’s range of deployable solutions ensured high quality and reliable communications were available at the event at all times. LTE handsets were provided for secure and private voice communications so…

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service


5G Rural Dorset Boosting Rural Mobile Connectivity

Improving Public Safety and Advancing Search and Rescue Operations. A bid led by Dorset Council has been awarded £4.335m to help understand how rural communities could benefit from next-generation mobile connectivity. Four trials in the county will look at innovative public, social and business uses of improved mobile coverage and test whether this connectivity can...

Hamad Medical adds command and control vehicle to its connected fleet

Hamad Medical adds command and control vehicle to its connected fleet With The Emergency Services Show (ESS) postponed until April 2021, Emergency Services Times (EST) visited Excelerate Technology’s Tech Week event at its Cardiff HQ for a tour of the company’s latest incident command and control vehicle – developed for Hamad Medical Corporation, the principal...

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