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Excell – Cellular optimisation antenna


When it comes to mobile connectivity there’s no such thing as too fast – reliable – secure. That’s why we Introduced Excell, the long-range LTE antenna that optimises cellular connectivity.
Excell always gains the best cellular connection, to any available network, without any need for boosting or amplification – which also means it complies with all standards without the requirement for any special licencing or approvals.
The solution powers the 4G LTE  signal towards the direction of the cellular mast, meaning users can experience dramatically improved internet connectivity – improving performance including range, upload speed and throughput across any environment.

Excell redefines the LTE experience – no antenna is equal

Connectivity to a cellular network is not as easy as you think. When you join on your phone, you are put into a group based on your performance on the network. If you’re at the periphery of the cell you’re having a negative impact on that cell as a whole. If you’re inside a metal box – such as a vehicle or building – you’re causing a problem to the network.
With Excell, you have an antenna which ensures the best possible position in the network meaning you are higher up the priority and get a better service as a result.
Excell is a specialised, electronically steered beam switching antenna that combines the benefits of an omni-directional and directional antenna into one.

At a glance

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Seamless Connectivity

Excell can be installed as a standalone 4G solution or combined with your vehicle connectivity network.

Putting the product to the test

We put the Excell antenna system to the test in a remote location within the Brecon Beacons, Wales, UK. The signal strength on an iPhone on two of the major terrestrial networks was extremely poor with access to edge (2.5G) data service only. Here is how Excell performed VS a rival cellular router with high gain antennas (Speeds in Mbps)

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