The YPO framework for Drones, Associated Products and Services (Framework Number 000992) is now open for business and includes our UAV Video streaming solution and cellular services.

Designed and developed by our in-house Research and Development Team, we are extremely proud that our solution, developed alongside our customers to overcome the barriers and limitations of video streaming in mobile environments is now available to procure on the YPO Framework.

About the framework:

The framework supports the Emergency Services, Blue Light and other public sector bodies in the purchase of drones (UAVs) and associated products and services. The framework not only offers the purchase of drones and their accessories but services such as the hire of drones and their pilots to inspect buildings or landscaping. Along with repairs and maintenance, the framework also offers training services and licensing so you can ensure you and your pilots are fully compliant.

About Excelerate’s UAV Streamer

When using drone technology, real-time footage isn’t always accessible beyond the pilot. Excelerate’s UAV Streamer resolves this problem by making live video streams more accessible. By simply plugging the solution into your existing UAV system, live footage is streamed over public or private networks securely via Excelerate’s ExStream Video Application. Footage can then be accessed securely anywhere via any authorised device with an internet connection.

  • Drone Streaming Solution

About Excelerate’s Cellular Service

Excelerate’s unsteered roaming SIM prioritises connectivity meaning you will seamlessly switch to the best available network for significantly increased coverage, reliability and added resilience.

Additional benefits include;

  • No monthly charges for data
  • Reduce wasted data and associated costs
  • Don’t lose or pay for unused data each month
  • Use data as and when it is required to suit operational requirements
  • Fully managed service with usage reporting
  • Top up data pool at any point

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About Excelerate Technology

It’s what you can do with Technology that makes us tick.

We are technology agnostic. Instead of focusing on a ‘one fits all’ approach we focus on matching and applying the right technology to the application.

Our team has over 19 years of developing solutions and products that overcome the boundaries, limitations, and flexibility needed for mobile and remote environments.

Niche and diverse we develop and provide products, solutions and services through a combination of cellular, satellite and wireless technology.

We offer the choice, balance and ability to interface across different communications, networks and technology.

Excelerate is a specialist and leading Technology partner, providing solutions for Public Safety, Emergency Services, Health and Patient Care, Communities, Search and Rescue, Commercial and Private, Utilities and Maritime.