fireImproved fire and flooding emergency management and public safety with Excelerate’s end-to-end satellite broadband solution

In recent years UK emergency services, working with mobile satellite broadband and communications specialist Excelerate Technology, have been adopting some of the most advanced mobile command vehicle and incident management support solutions in the world. Using satellite broadband, wireless video and interoperable communications systems, linked with advanced command and control software systems, these vehicles and systems are now delivering quantum leap improvements in single and multi-agency force effectiveness and public safety.

This is being done for a wide range of different scenarios – riots, chemical releases, terrorist attacks, mining accidents, flooding, large-scale fires, firearms incidents, and for major sporting and public order events. In addition to enhancing public safety and providing massively improved communications, these solutions are also helping reduce personnel and communications costs.

“ The HART vehicles have been widely acknowledged as being the most advanced mobile command vehicles used by any ambulance service in the world.”

Fast growing

Recent reports of a speech by the Chairman of Google about the UK’s supposed lack of support for information and communications technologies do not apply to fast growing, Wales-based company Excelerate Technology Ltd. Not only has the company been a pioneer in the promotion of mobile satellite broadband and wireless data, video and voice technologies into the UK’s emergency services, it has also taken a leading role in developing and patenting its own advanced new technologies for helping its customers obtain even better results from their high technology investments. In so doing it has built up an impressive client list, winning almost all the new business going in its field, receiving numerous industry awards, and creating a whole new high tech business sector in which it has become the acknowledged market leader. Major contract successes have included provision and integration of communications systems for all the forward command vehicles for the national HART (Hazardous Area Response Teams) project for the UK ambulance services in England and Scotland – there will be 18 vehicles for England alone – with additional vehicles currently being built for the Welsh Ambulance Service. The HART vehicles have been widely acknowledged as being the most advanced mobile command vehicles used by any ambulance service in the world.

High Speed and High Quality
In addition to supplying, integrating and supporting satellite broadband and wireless video technologies, sourced from leading international suppliers, Excelerate also manages its own satellite broadband network, allowing customers to receive the best value for highly resilient communications. It also continues to source and evaluate best-ofbreed technologies from around the world.

Where solutions do not exist in the commercial market place, Excelerate is also committed to working with and supporting customers by developing and patenting new technologies, such as the Digital Dashboard Management Interface (UK Patent Application: 1116053.8) for monitoring systems performance and ensuring complete interoperability between different communications channels (radio, GSM, VoIP and Landline). Key criteria for assessing all new solutions are whether they support ease-of-use for operational staff, that they deliver more effective single and multi-agency communications, and that they improve efficiencies in manpower use and technology deployment for services that are under strong budgetary pressure.


Sherpa is the highly innovative and unique ‘climbing camera’ CCTV system that automatically climbs up poles and places cameras and other emergency response communications equipment in high, temporary viewing positions.

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