race3James Powell, Project Manager for the East Midlands New Technology Initiative High Performance Engineering Network based at Tresham Institute was tasked with resolving the introduction of satellite broadband technology to the National College for Motorsport, which was formed in partnership between Tresham Institute of Further and Higher Education in Northamptonshire, Oxford & Cherwell Valley College, and Milton Keynes College.

State-of-the-art equipment had been installed on to the college’s Race Trailer that boasts 12 laptops each with its own workstation and a 42-inch plasma-training screen. The intention was to allow fast and secure connection to the internet and e-mail no matter where the trailer – which is used as a mobile training facility around the UK and beyond. However the College had only been able to use the equipment a handful of times in a two-year period due to a lack of support and aftercare from its original supplier – an all too common story for those people investing in dynamic technology.

Excelerate now provides Tresham College with a transportable satellite platform that enables high speed access and transmission of data, video and voice within 4 minutes of deployment despite location. The installation and use of new technology always requires the correct training and continuous support from the supplier. This is part of Excelerate’s Business ethos and our excellence in doing this has provided and restored faith within our technology and solutions to our customers.

James Powell, Project Manger, East Midlands New Technology Initiative of High Performance Engineering, Tresham College:

“Once we began to realise that the equipment we had purchased wasn’t up to the job for which it was intended, we were extremely disappointed and very frustrated especially with the aftersales service we received. Promises made regarding support were broken on a number of occasions, and it is only since we have found Excelerate that we have been able to exploit the technology to its full potential.”