Strathclyde Fire and Rescue provides an excellent example of the effectiveness of the communication solutions that Excelerate supply to the blue light services throughout the UK. ,

Covering almost 5,500 square miles and serving a near population of 2.3million people, Strathclyde is faced with a diverse working environment that demands fast and secure communication within an emergency situation.

Excelerate’s Transportable Satellite Broadband solution enables operating personnel from Strathclyde’s Incident Command Units (ICUs) to connect to the internet and access the brigade’s computer network to and from anywhere. Whether situated in a remote cove on the Strathclyde Coast or in the heart of Glasgow, operating officers can access and transmit incident-critical files such as video, voice and data.,

Excelerate have equipped a 40ft Major Incident Command Unit(MICU), three Major Incident Forward Command Units(MIFCU) and a Chemical Support Unit(CSU) with the latest innovations in mobile technology that can be deployed and operated at major incidents. With vital decisions made at ground level and safety always of paramount importance- our technology puts Strathclyde Fire and Rescue Service in a position to access critical information and relay it in real-time.


“Excelerate Technology was the company chosen to supply us with everything that we requested to make our command vehicles fully operational across the whole region, whilst keeping a direct and secure link back to headquarters.

“We now have five units equipped with Excelerate’s satellite broadband systems. I believe it is crucial that a service operating on the scale that we do has full communication with key stakeholders whenever we need to… within minutes of arriving at a destination we know that our command vehicle is 100 per cent operational.”

“we have seen the advantages brought to the incident ground by Excelerate’s satellite broadband systems. Our five satellite enabled vehicles have been deployed at a variety of incidents, with the 2007 Glasgow Airport incident being the most high profile. The connectivity provided obviously enhances communications within the operational environment, however, we are now maximising this potential by integrating further solutions.”