SGN-VehicleScotia Gas Networks have chosen Excelerate Group for the on board satellite communications for their two new mobile command units.

In the event of a serious gas emergency such as a major leak it is essential that a resilient, robust and secure communications infrastructure is immediately available.

Scotia Gas Networks are responsible for resolving emergency gas incidents in a timely and efficient manner, ensuring public safety and the safety of their staff.

In order to coordinate and resolve an incident in the most efficient way, Scotia Gas Networks have invested in our KA superfast, resilient satellite service that has been integrated on board two mobile command units.

“Communication is key in the event of a major incident and we’ve ensured that we have the technology to relay information back to our headquarters to manage a critical situation effectively.

The highly sophisticated on-board technology enables us to be a key cooperating responder in the event of a critical situation such as a gas leak.

Our expectations of what communications on board our vehicles can deliver have already been exceeded and as new technologies emerge we’re confident in integrating them in to an already future-proof system.”

Debbie Mann. IT Project Manager, Scotia Gas Networks.

Read the Scottish Gas Networks brochure here.