Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service has become a leading pioneer in the development and application of innovative communications solutions for emergency planning and management applications.

Excelerate has provided Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue service with a comprehensively equipped 15 ton Incident Command Unit (ICU) together with its sister vehicle the Multi-Role Vehicle (MRV). These state of the art units will attend incidents across the country.

The ICU provides a 21st-century platform for incident command, not only in terms of its technological capabilities which enable critical information such as a video, voice and data to be transmitted to and from anywhere in real time, but because of its capacity to act as a multi-agency command centre it can link directly to police and other emergency response organisations. The Royal Country of Berkshire will be one of the first regions to achieve true interoperability with sharing of information well on the way to fruition.

Excelerate’s satellite and communications solutions enable these rapidly deployable units, operational within 4 minutes of arrival at a major incident to function as standalone Command and Control facilities as well as an extension of al HQ operations.


“These vehicles will play a key part in ensuring that we are able to meet our statutory duty under the Civil Contingencies Act to maintain operational functionality regardless of circumstances. The multi-role vehicle will be used for community outreach work in helping us work with our communities to make them safer but it can also function as forward incident command unit and communications hub when required. “


“Exemplary customer service with a clear focus on responding to the unique needs of the emergency services customer base”