Body Worn Video (BWV) technology has been used within UK Police Services since it was the originally employed in 2006. Now, research has shown that as a result of operating the technology and effective video evidence being readily available, the numbers of incidents where Police are required to use force are reduced, as are the number of false accusations against officers in the community. 

EXCEL_RYDER_280910_015Used across a range of policing scenarios including domestic violence, anti-social behavior and burglary, officers are able to record footage at their own discretion.

Cardiff based Excelerate Technology are the global market leader in the provision of Data, Video, Voice and Internet via Satellite and Wireless Solutions and have combined this capacity with a number of other advanced technologies to enhance the potential of BWV even further.

“The rise of BWV in the field adds transparency to the activities of police officers.”

Excelerate’s BWV solutions are based on Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (COFDM) technologies. The wide range of compact, high-resolution bullet cameras available can be attached as an earpiece or to an officer’s uniform or helmet.

The rise of BWV in the field adds transparency to the activities of police officers, acting as an independent witness, dispelling any dispute and provides an invaluable presence and vital real-time information from operatives to those within the Police command structure.

Robust solution
In contrast to standard BWV cameras which only record footage locally Excelerate’s robust solution securely transmits the video streams from the wearing officer to a local Incident Command Unit (ICU) or Pelicase Receiver over a range of 1-2km and allow for accurate, high quality video footage of incidents to be available in real-time in non-line of site and in high signal loss environments.

Having been developed to work in situations such as the underground network, tunnels and buildings where normal transmission is typically compromised the use of COFDM provides a significant advantage over other local area connectivity options, such as Wi-Fi, in terms of providing signal infiltration.

Interoperable Communications
With an ever-growing need for interoperable communications this immediate access to real-time video considerably enhances a commander’s situational awareness and provides adetailed common operational picture across all emergency services. The result allows commanders to manage and coordinate all responses more effectively and deploy resources quicker and more efficiently.

Onboard the control vehicle live video streams can then be compressed and frame rate adapted and optimised for delivery to a Gold Command or headquarters via an enhanced resilient satellite network for real-time live viewing or storage. This enables improved command communications capabilities, both out in the field, in mobile command vehicles and at headquarters.

The lightweight, Ultra low-lux camera solution captures high quality footage in extremely low light and challenging environments. Ideally suited to Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) operations or low visibility procedures.

The inclusion of permanent date and time stamping enables any footage recorded to be used for evidential purposes in court, where the implementation of BWV cameras and first person accounts of incidents will help to speed up the judicial process, limiting court preparation time and increasing guilty pleas.

EXCEL_RYDER_280910_019Live streaming
During the 2010 Ryder Cup, Excelerate Technology partnered with Gwent Police in providing BWV solutions to officers riding mountain bikes.

At this major sporting event Gwent Police were tasked with policing more than 45,000 spectators each day alongside providing security for the golfers and VIP guests.

Nigel Russell, Superintendent of Gwent Police, said:

“Deploying officers on mountain bikes with live streaming of images from the body-worn cameras meant we could see and hear what was going on wherever they were on the course. Without this it likely we would have needed additional police officers to attend incidents or to be available on the course.”

Thanks to the use of sophisticated communications and real-time surveillance technology supplied by Excelerate, a total of only 150 officers were able to maintain security for this high-profile occasion.