Mobile Library 2Northern Ireland Libraries is proving to be a lifeline for people living in remote rural areas enabling them to access the internet and a wider range of library services with it.

Excelerate’s pioneering transportable satellite solution has enabled the mobile library service instant, fast and secure internet access regardless of where they site their mobile libraries.

Excelerate’s Broadband VPN solution comprises a fully automated, motorised satellite system that locates the relevant satellite and establishes a high speed two-way secure broadband connection.

The system is proving success in Northern Ireland and mobile libraries across Great Britain.

“It is providing people in remote areas an opportunity to have access to services that they could easily access in a larger town. In addition, it also gives library staff the facility to register new members as they can link into the main library computer systems. The unit brings full library facilities to rural users.”

Elaine Douglas, Commercial Projects Manager for Amey NI, outsourcing partner for Northern Ireland Libraries

Excelerate’s Satellite Broadband VPN solution hasn’t just benefited the village residents as they surf the internet on their doorstep but also Staff of the mobile libraries allowing them easy and secure access to their main branches’ servers, enabling them to quickly and efficiently deal with new membership or reservations.