Providing the kind of full banking services taken for granted by those with access to town or city centre branches to those living in rural locations has been made more straightforward and cost-effective thanks to broadband satellite specialists Excelerate Technology.


Excelerate is already a leading provider of Transportable Satellite Broadband Virtual Private Network (TSBV) solutions in a number of industries – creating fast and secure access to the internet.  The company is now applying its ground-breaking technology to the world of banking.

Banking customers place a variety of demands on their chosen institutions, from face-to-face meetings for financial advice to simply withdrawing cash.

Excelerate is now offering banks, post offices or building societies the capability to take their services to the customer in the form of mobile banking units fitted with transportable satellite broadband VPN technology.

Excelerate’s ground-breaking TSBV solution comprises a fully automated, motorised satellite system that locates the relevant satellite and establishes a high speed two-way secure broadband connection within minutes of arriving at a destination – and that means instant, fast and secure internet access regardless of where the mobile banking unit is sited provided its antenna has clear line of sight with the appropriate spacecraft.

Put simply, the technology will allow customers in rural locations to access the same banking services as their urban counterparts and the mobile bank to have the same services and applications available to it as their city centre branches. This includes real time transaction processing, voice telephony (the mobile bank can simply be an extension of the banks main telephone system) and even CCTV security provision which can be viewed remotely via satellite by the banks security department.

Excelerate is currently piloting the technology with Banc Agricole – the national agricultural bank of France. And where better to test out this financial lifeline than in a country that places great emphasis upon its agricultural community.

Excelerate Chairman David Savage says: “Our French Mobile Bank is a pilot for the customer to assess the merits of being able to carry out every process from a vehicle that one would normally only be able to do at a fixed branch in a large town or city. This is all done securely, whether it be data access, transaction processing or voice and video calling.

“The pilot has been running for several months and is proving to be a success. This technology gives the banking and post office sector the opportunity to start reversing the current trend of withdrawing support from rural communities by giving them the ability to provide services to these communities securely and cost effectively.”