After successfully completing a pilot scheme with London Ambulance, Excelerate Technology was awarded the contract to be the technology provider for the multi million pound framework agreement for the National Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) initiative.

Through our commitment to develop innovative, resilient and reliable systems, enhancing service delivery within the emergency services, it is our belief that the HART vehicles are now the most comprehensively equipped vehicles in Europe.

“This new generation of HART vehicles will provide high levels of real-time information to enable ambulance service personnel on the ground to make more effective decisions and enhance patient care at major incidents.”

CBRN HART Co-ordinator, London Ambulance.

Excelerate’s mobile satellite technology enables a comprehensive suite of cutting edge applications to be fully deployed within four minutes of arriving at serious incidents such as CBRN and HAZMAT, as well as others requiring category ‘A’ response regardless of location. Operational personnel have the ability to access and relay critical video, voice and data in real-time.

Each command vehicle has been designed to provide the highest level of resilience and future proofing. Using mobile satellite technology HART teams have the ability to access broadband, enabling a wide range of data, voice and video applications to be run quickly and securely. The satellite network is managed in real-time from Excelerate’s Cardiff-based headquarters to ensure that sufficient bandwidth is available to meet specific requirements at all times, with our 24 hour support. The vehicles can be inter-connected using a fully meshed wireless network with rapidly deployable self-powered mesh nodes using hot swappable batteries that give up to eight hours of use.

“This new generation of MIRV’s will enable the emergency services to meet their responsibilities under the Civil Contingencies Act, improve multi-agency co-operation and enable incidents to be resolved more effectively.”

Richard McKeand, General Manager of the Civil Contingencies Unit at Great Western Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Excelerate provided voice communications in two ways to each MIRV. Firstly, RapidNet Private GSM is generated maintain mobile phone communications with field-based personnel at all times without requiring service from the main network providers. Excelerate provides full telecoms capabilities in situations where either none exist or are unavailable and eliminate the reoccurrence of the communications problems experienced during the 7/7 incident as highlighted in the London Assembly Committee’s report. Also provided are VoIP handsets that function as fully featured extensions of any NHS PBX, enabling seamless communications with HQ and other locations.

Each MIRV is equipped with dual function CCTV cameras giving normal and thermal operation with full PTZ. Additional COFDM bodyworn cameras have also been developed and supplied to be used by field personnel to transmit high quality images from inside buildings, tunnels or other areas. Video images are recorded locally and streamed via satellite to fully managed servers enabling images to be viewed from any internet-enabled location around the world.

“The safety of personnel operating in all the emergency services is an issue of paramount importance that is addressed by the NHS HART Framework Agreement. From the outset I felt we should endeavour to provide the best available equipment, the highest standards of training and the most robust protocols and procedures to support crews on the ground. Excelerate has developed a unique, integrated package of best breed technologies that will significantly improve the safety of people being asked to risk lives in potentially dangerous environments.”

Russ Mansford, Strategic Ambulance Advisor to the Department of Health, Emergency Preparedness Division.