Extending our Connectivity – Welcome to the Excelerate Global Partner Initiative.

Growth and opportunities await the right kind of partner who can give the right kind of commitment and wants to join us on our journey.

The work we do in our core Government and Emergency Responder market brings greater innovation and opportunities to a much wider global market.

Excelerate has been delivering national projects of critical importance for over 19 years. Often complex and turnkey by nature, they require us to interface across different communications, networks, and technology.

Many of the solutions and projects we have delivered contain amazing solutions that can be used beyond the original requirement and can support multiple markets and applications.

Bringing them to the forefront of our business, we have launched the first four products available for our Global Partner Initiative and are inviting interested people and organisations to learn more about them so they can pass on the fantastic benefits to their own customers.

About our Products

Linx Hub

Linx Hub

The Linx Hub is part of Excelerate Technology’s range of dynamic portable solutions. The rugged unit provides a portable WiFi hotspot that can easily be set up in any location, environment or terrain. With numerous features to enable more flexible operations and improve the user’s connectivity, the Linx Hub can be utilised in a wide range of situations. Designed with mobility in mind, the unit has several benefits compared to traditional or domestic WiFi hotspots.

UAV Streamer

UAV Streamer

When using drone technology, real-time footage isn’t always accessible beyond the pilot. Excelerate’s UAV Streamer resolves this problem by making live video streams more accessible. By simply plugging the solution into your existing UAV system, live footage is streamed over public or private networks securely via Excelerate’s ExStream Video Application. Footage can then be accessed securely anywhere via any authorised device with an internet connection.

Exstream Bodyworn Camera

bodywork camera Excelerate

Excelerate’s new bodyworn camera solution delivers enhanced situational awareness, increasing operational capabilities. With the ability to stream real-time footage over private and public networks to any authorised person, users and teams can achieve greater visibility in the field. The solution also features Push to talk (PTT), a ‘man down’ alert button and is dual SIM for added resilience.

Excell – 4G Range Optimiser

4G enhancer antenna

The Excell antenna ensures the best performance within any cellular network by significantly increasing the range, speed, and throughput of the connection. Unlike traditional antennas, the modem is in-built, therefore minimises any signal loss caused by traditional antenna installations.

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