We offer an Enhanced Resilience Satellite Network (ERSN), which is a totally resilient, managed satellite broadband service to support the mission critical communications of the emergency services.

Customers across a variety of business sectors are benefiting from high speed broadband via our SuperSat satellite broadband service, which is the most resilient and cost effective KA service in Europe.

Our range of advanced technologies such as interoperable systems and mobile and body-worn cameras allow you to enhance the potential of resilient satellite broadband even further.

To ensure optimum resilience we invest heavily in our own private, unshared capacity on satellites in key regions across the globe and we allocate capacity to customers in line with their needs.

The only Enhanced Resilience Satellite Network dedicated to the emergency services and the first to be ISO 27001 accredited – the standard for security compliance.

From our UK based network operations centre, the overall health of the network and the capacity being allocated to our customers is monitored and managed to ensure performance obligations are constantly met.

Our support team monitor major national and international incidents and events and can increase your bandwidth in real time to cope with unplanned demand.

Key benefits of Excelerate’s resilient satellite communications:

  • Increase your bandwidth on demand
  • Access to additional satellite services without extra licences
  • Unlimited use within a fixed budget, so no unexpected bills