We pioneered the concept of rapidly deployable, totally independent and resilient broadband via satellite, which now supports a broad range of applications in emergency incident management.

Excelerate is the only provider within the UK and perhaps globally to operate a privately managed network dedicated to emergency response with enhanced resilience.  Our innovative solutions have changed the way emergency services command & control respond to major incidents.

Our customer focused R&D team engage with you to simplify the technology, support ease of use and user experience.    Our team has also developed market-leading products that are completely unique to us, including;

  • DDMI (Digital Dashboard Management Interface) An easy-to-use operating system built for the emergency services combining all systems and solutions into one seamless interface.
  • Sherpa – The world’s first and only automatic pole climbing camera. A truly rapidly deployable solution that is being used globally to deliver CCTV and video capabilities, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) systems and other communications requirements.
  • Reflex – The ‘All in one’ vehicle roof mounted communications pod hosting the Supersat KA satellite, 4G failover connections, integrated emergency lights, scene lighting and 360 degree camera recording. Reflex is re-defining rapidly deployable communications.